Friday, February 12, 2010

Interactivity Reading and Critique Schedule!

For Monday, February 22nd, our next class meeting read the two essays by Brenda Laurel The Six Elements and the Causal Relations Among Them and Star Raiders: Dramatic Interaction in a Small World. I will be making copies of the reading for you that will be available in the Art Office. Prepare TWO TYPE WRITTEN questions for discussion (higher order questions please, no factual quiz like questions). Monday, February 22nd will involve an intense discussion and presentation of works related to the complex area of "interactivity". Come prepared!

Also, start researching interactive art online - each of you is to come prepared with at least one link to a work that you find interesting enough to share with the class!

(this coming Monday, the 15th, is a holiday, no class!)

First Critique! Monday, March 1st! The first phase of your projects are to be completed and ready to present. Also, be ready to discuss with the class, in the context of the critique, your next planned phase of development and the evolution of the work as we step towards the final projects.

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