Friday, February 26, 2010

FIRST CRIT! Arduino, Processing and Interactivity Links and Phonebooth Schedule

1) First Critique Monday, March 1st:
First phase of projects are to be completed (choosing from Sound, Image, Interaction or Virtual). Works are to be ready to present at the start of class. Be prepared to discuss your next steps and the evolution of your final projects in relation to your progress. Project documentation and artist's statements are to be posted on your blogs/website. Please email me your blog/website addresses so I can post them on the blog for your classmates to comment!

2) Arduino, Processing and Interactivity. (EVERYONE WATCH THIS!)
note Exhibition for examples of projects

Processing and Arduino boards may be of interest to you - a little bit of effort, research and experimentation and you can be harnessing the power of this amazing software and hardware! This is an option for developing interactivity in your work.

3) Phonebooth Gallery Schedule:
Ok, we have six groups of two collaborating artists and six one week slots. Please email me your prefered dates - first come first served! We will see who is pay attention to the emails! ;-)

Groups and Dates: (all spots have been claimed!)
March 22-26
Luke & Audrey
March 29-April 1 Caitlin F. & Chantelle
April 5-9 Clinton & Ryan
April 12-16 Paige & Rorie
April 19-23 Travis & Kim
April 26-30 Caitlin C & Megan

Remember! First come first served! Email me ASAP!

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