Friday, January 29, 2010

First Project Concept: DUE MONDAY FEBRUARY 4

Due Monday! Bring a type written proposal describing your first project. As you will recall from the syllabus and our discussion this week you are to choose as your starting point a project created surrounding one of the four possible areas or themes to explore: "Sound, Image, Interaction and Virtual". These are broad themes, three of which will be explored as individual projects to be then adapted towards a larger, final project.

The three projects are to be developed surround the following themes or processes: "Sound, Image, Interaction, Virtual". You are to develop works utilizing your choice of three of these words as your beginning points of engagement. How you proceed to engage these words is up to you - consider each of these words as foundational subjects and processes for the development of discrete projects that will eventually comprise and inform your final project - in other words, your final project will be developed as a culmination of these starting points.

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